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19.20zł Ex Tax: 15.61zł
Model of the "vegetable" - series based on Janet Powers paintings. Pattern size 165W x 124H. Kit contains chart and the color table DMC and Anchor floss...
20.00zł Ex Tax: 16.26zł
 Baskets for sale is black-and- white pattern depicting the work of the Amish . It also includes the division of thread DMC and Anchor Stitch Size : 290x114 Size: 13"x5"..
15.70zł Ex Tax: 12.76zł
The image of a bride in wedding dress with a full range of ceremonial. You can choose between maroon hair color, blond and dark brown. The set also included an alphabetical pattern. Design by Melissa Dayne Garrison. Colorful pattern has a size 138W x 96H. Includes instruction in English and color tables DMC and Anchor floss...
16.00zł Ex Tax: 13.01zł
Picture of oil painting modeled on Marty Bells. Size 100W x 80H. For embroidery image are needed 76 floss colors. The model included instructions and DMC floss color chart.Więcej informacji znajdziesz na zakładce 'Szczegóły'...
39.90zł Ex Tax: 32.44zł
In the picture we can see an ancient Greek vase. Chart designed for 15 colours of DMC cotton threads...
10.00zł 15.60zł
10.00zł 15.60zł Ex Tax: 8.13zł
4 images showing the the finest breed of horses. Unusual design with an excellent outline of the sculpture of the body. Design by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath. Color patterns have a size 93W x 119H, 119W x 75H, 95H and 108W x 124W x 88H. Book included instruction in English, and color tables DMC and Anchor floss...
30.40zł Ex Tax: 24.72zł
A magnificent view of the bridge stood in flowering magnolias, which exists in reality in the United States in the garden 'Magnolia Garden'. It enjoys a incredible popularity among all artists, painters, writers, and photographers. Design by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath who hopes that this picture also awaken your senses. Color pattern has a size 162W x 194H. In addition to the booklet included in..
15.60zł Ex Tax: 12.68zł
4 images showing the most wonderful cat breed. Amazing eye-catching compositions of their sweetness. Design by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath. Color patterns have a dimensions 102W x 53H, 92W x 103H, 113W x 90H and 81W x 85H. Booklet included instruction in English, and color tables DMC and Anchor floss.Więcej informacji znajdziesz na zakładce 'Szczegóły'...
20.00zł Ex Tax: 16.26zł
Tropical Fish Trio includes three designs from the artwork of Don Kent. Includes 3 charts 100W x 150H, instructions and color key of DMC and Anchor...
32.00zł Ex Tax: 26.02zł
A view on a rich table surrounded with ripe grapes. Size of the picture: 140Hx126W. About 30 colours of the embroidery floss are needed for this design. Booklet contains: black and white pattern, DMC floss chart, instruction...