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134.90zł Ex Tax: 109.67zł
Bring the beauty of flowers into your home with this charming embroidery kit, showcasing a bouquet of yellow flowers in an elegant vase placed on picturesque stairs. The delicate mist of curtains adds subtlety and romantic charm to the image. Choose this kit and create a beautiful decoration that enlivens your interior and infuses an aura of freshness and joy...
129.90zł Ex Tax: 105.61zł
This charming painting will transport you to a summer garden, where an enchanting scene depicts a little puppy and two playfully frolicking kittens on the steps. The puppy looks curious, and those two kittens are like whirlwinds of merriment. The summer garden surrounds them with natural beauty, creating a delightful atmosphere. This cross-stitch embroidery kit will allow you to capture this adora..