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314.90zł Ex Tax: 256.02zł
Discover the mysterious world of ancient Egypt with our embroidery kit, which portrays the figure of Nefertiti in all her majesty, surrounded by symbols of the rich culture of that time. Embroidering this iconic figure along with characteristic hieroglyphs and Egyptian motifs will transport you back in time to the era of pharaohs and pyramids. This kit is not only an opportunity to express your pa..
309.90zł Ex Tax: 251.95zł
In our embroidery set, you will uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt, transporting yourself to the times of Tutankhamun. The artwork depicts the figure of this pharaoh surrounded by intriguing hieroglyphic symbols and the Egyptian culture. Immersing yourself in this project will introduce you to mystical, detailed patterns that capture the spirit of that era. Creating this artwork is not just an o..