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109.90zł Ex Tax: 89.35zł
Add freshness and delicacy to your interior with this charming embroidery kit, depicting a bouquet of spring flowers in a beautiful glass jug placed on a windowsill by an open window. This scene emanates joy and nature, with a hanging bunch of keys adding an extraordinary character. By choosing this kit, you will bring the charm and harmony of spring to your home. Open the window of your creativit..
129.90zł Ex Tax: 105.61zł
Table runner measuring 40 cm x 100 cm. The embroidery pattern is printed on the fabric and disappears after the first wash. Kit contents: cotton canvas, needle, DMC embroidery floss, diagram, instructions...
239.90zł Ex Tax: 195.04zł
Discover the magic of a summer landscape in a unique embroidery set. Transport yourself to a charming cottage hidden among green trees, by a calmly flowing river, with majestic mountains in the background. In this picturesque environment you will meet a friendly family of animals: deer, roe deer, birds, a badger, a dog, a duck - all captured in one harmonious image. This set will not only allow yo..
289.90zł Ex Tax: 235.69zł
This cross-stitching kit will take you into a magical mountain landscape with a view of lush forests, a flowing stream, and picturesque cottages nestled among the surrounding high mountains. Stitching this scene will help you create a beautiful picture that transports you into the world of nature, where the silence of the mountains and charming landscapes create an unforgettable view. Have fun wit..
229.90zł Ex Tax: 186.91zł
Discover the magic of a nighttime forest with this extraordinary embroidery kit, featuring an adorable scene of a girl holding a key and a candle, surrounded by mysterious woodland creatures. This pattern invites you to weave tales and wander through the forest, where every path hides extraordinary secrets. By choosing this kit, you can create a unique decoration that transports you to a world of ..
159.90zł Ex Tax: 130.00zł
This charming picture captures a real scene of family happiness and tranquility. The dog mom sits next to an open suitcase where her three puppy dogs are playing to their heart's content. Her eyes, full of love and attention, constantly watch over her joyful offspring. This cross-stitch embroidery kit is an opportunity to capture this extraordinary moment and bring an atmosphere of pure joy and lo..
69.90zł Ex Tax: 56.83zł
We invite you to purchase a set for embroidering bookmarks, which will not only add charm to your books but also bring many practical benefits. Hand-embroidered bookmarks make our books even more personal. It's a great opportunity to express your creativity and create small works of art that will always accompany you while reading...
129.90zł Ex Tax: 105.61zł
This extraordinary calendar set is a charming ode to cat lovers. Each of the twelve months presents an intriguing scene related to characteristic events of each period. This cross-stitch embroidery kit will allow you to create a unique calendar that will connect you with nature and charismatic kittens throughout the year...
189.90zł Ex Tax: 154.39zł
Welcome to discover the magic of Barcelona through this unique cross-stitching kit. This picture depicts a picturesque alley surrounded by charming townhouses, vibrant with life, adorned with flower-filled cafes. In the summer atmosphere, tourists enjoy the ambiance of this place. Majestically in the distance rises the Barcelona Cathedral. Explore the beauty of this scenery by creating your own cr..
129.90zł Ex Tax: 105.61zł
A product from the Popcorn series is a great opportunity to prepare an amazing gift for a baby's birth. Additionally, thanks to the included alphabet, you can embroider any text on the picture...
189.90zł Ex Tax: 154.39zł
This counted cross-stitch kit depicts a girl, soaring eagles, and a reverse landscape with houses and a forest in the background. It is a composition full of strength and charm. The portrait of the girl exudes mystery, while the eagles symbolize freedom and power, and the landscape adds to the overall charm. This kit allows you to express your creativity and create a unique work of art...
64.90zł Ex Tax: 52.76zł
We invite you to discover the sweet pleasure of embroidery with our unique set depicting juicy cherries. Each stitch is like a delicious moment, and the end result is not only a work of art, but also a piece of nature that you can keep forever...
64.90zł Ex Tax: 52.76zł
Discover the sweet charm with our embroidery kit, featuring an appetizing ice cream muffin with juicy cherries! It is not only a unique way to spend a relaxing afternoon, but also a chance to create your own work of art that will remind you of the joys of dessert and sweet moments of life. Start your embroidery adventure and enjoy the joy of creation!..
109.90zł Ex Tax: 89.35zł
This is a wonderful challenge for all embroidery enthusiasts. In the kit, you'll find everything you need, including a hoop frame, to create a beautiful work. Imagine stitching each feather until the bird comes to life under your fingers. Immerse yourself in the world of sewing and create a unique work of art!..
259.90zł Ex Tax: 211.30zł
Table runner measuring 32 cm x 84 cm. Kit contents: white aida 11", needle, DMC embroidery floss, diagram, instructions...
99.90zł Ex Tax: 81.22zł
A product from the Popcorn series is a great opportunity to prepare an amazing gift for a baby's birth...
169.90zł Ex Tax: 138.13zł
Kit Contents: 14" (28 cm x 28 cm) cotton Aida fabric in ecru, needle, DMC embroidery floss, beads, chart, instructions, alphabet pattern for personalization, allowing embroidered text to be customized...
179.90zł Ex Tax: 146.26zł
239.90zł Ex Tax: 195.04zł
The cross-stitched image depicts a cheerful Santa Claus holding presents, standing in a picturesque landscape. Santa smiles and spreads joy, while the background with snow-covered fir trees and a cottage creates a magical holiday atmosphere. This cross-stitching kit is an excellent idea to create a unique holiday decoration that brings a smile to everyone's face...
114.90zł Ex Tax: 93.41zł
Beautiful decorative pillowcase for DIY. Size 40x40 cm. The kit includes: pillowcase blanks, Birtnei Lugana fabric (11) 28ct., threads (32 colors), needle, zipper, chart, and instructions (in English and Russian). The kit DOES NOT include pillow filling...
144.90zł Ex Tax: 117.80zł
This cross-stitching kit is a true feast for Christmas enthusiasts! It includes diverse patterns related to this magical time: from a charming gingerbread house and grandfather figure to nuts, winter symbols like skates, holiday bells, and presents. It will allow you to create unique decorations that add charm to your interior and bring the holiday atmosphere straight into your home...
174.90zł Ex Tax: 142.20zł
Bring the magic of the holidays to your home with this unique embroidery kit showing a festively decorated street in the middle of a big city. The central point of the image is a busy pedestrian crossing where people are rushing to do their Christmas shopping, holding bags filled with gifts and purchases. This colorful, lively performance will take you into the whirlwind of Christmas chaos and all..
79.90zł Ex Tax: 64.96zł
This unique image is a true work of art created using cross-stitch and flat stitching, which gives it extraordinary depth and detail. In this image, you can see a picturesque town located by a charming canal through which boats flow. The houses along the shore create a unique atmosphere of this place, and every detail is captured with attention to detail...
129.90zł Ex Tax: 105.61zł
This unique cross-stitched artwork portrays the head of an eagle up close, fully capturing the majesty and strength of this beautiful bird of prey. It's not just a picture but also an ode to nature and the wild power of the eagle that emanates from this work...
106.90zł Ex Tax: 86.91zł
This charming painting transports you to a world full of delicacy and the beauty of nature. Two beautiful butterflies hover around a blooming plant, creating a sight straight out of a fairy tale. The wings of the butterflies dazzle with a variety of colors and patterns, resembling a watercolor-painted work of art. Their light dance around the flower evokes a sense of peace and harmony. This cross-..